The Sponge

The Sponge
March 4, 2016 Helle Lauridsen

You will want to read this. It is good.

When it comes to change and learning new, you have to pay attention to what you expect.

The blog is about, how you can make it easier for your staff to absorb more.

If you pace yourself, the benefits will be greater in the long run.

“The Sponge” is of course explained – it is one of the metafores I often use. (just like the Coffee Machine..)

When we get impatient for changes to happen or people to learn, we can think about the sponge.

The human brain is a wonder.

The prefrontal cortex  – the part of your brain, located just behind your forehead, where you find the short term memory –  can only take in so much.

That is why sessions/classes are 45 min. You need a brain break. And maybe you should not do more than six sessions of learning every day. You need the brain to load some of the info in a more remote part of the memory.

This is where the SPONGE comes in. Pretend the prefrontal cortex is a sponge. If the sponge is overloaded with water, is just stops sucking up the water. The brain does the same. Have you ever found yourself on your own little brain break during a meeting?

So when you have staff meetings, do not spend time just giving messages. That is just one way communication – unless it is sensitive info. Leave the one way info to be delivered at another time

Sometimes it is the people

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