Terms n Conditions

The Small print – Terms
  • Terms for Visit
    • Any additional cost for transport from/to airport, hotel, food/beverage, copies, wi-fi etc. needed to execute meeting will be covered by customer
  • Pre-payment only
    • Invoicing will be done electronically
    • Payment must be in HERSTAD.DK ApS account no later than 15 days before delivery
    • For travel: invoice with fee + travel expenses(hotel + air fairs) to account will forwarded for immediate payment
    • For hourly rates – see terms for OCC – further down
    • Cancellation terms;
      • Cancellation up until 30 days prior to delivery will be fully refundable.
      • Cancellation up until 15 days prior to delivery will be refundable by 50%
      • Rescheduling from customers side will be considered cancellation up until 15 days before delivery
      • In case of cancellation: Preparation time and costs involved will be charged
      • All work performed or delivered: non-refundable
      • Time not spend will be refunded with 50% within 10 days
      • Remaining hours on modules and vouchers can be refunded immediately, but no later than 12 months after invoicing date
    • In case of illness:
      • DK ApS will cover all costs for penalties for airfare, hotel room reservation. No other costs of any kind will be refunded.
    • VAT
      • All fees excluding VAT
      • For EU : VAT number must be included to avoid VAT on invoice
HERSTAD.DK ApS –   Terms and Conditions for OCC
  • Deposit is non-refundable but can be used up
  • The deposit can not be used a pay for other services
  • Cancellations of calls will be charged with 100% up to 4 hours before scheduled call
  • Cancellations of calls will be charged with 50% up to 24 hours before scheduled call
  • If you request any follow up work, by HERSTAD.DK after the call, this will be agreed during the call. This time will be charged at the same rate
  • Online tool to follow usage will be available


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