Stand up!

Stand up!
February 5, 2016 Helle Lauridsen

You will want to read this. It is good.Skærmbillede 2016-02-04 kl. 20.32.59

This post requires music, while reading it. Please press play on the video below and then read while the music is playing. 

Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday was one of those days, where I had more hope than other days.


I had more hope, because someone inspired me. Someone was courages and stood up for, what they believed in. Stepped into the unknown chaos of uncertainty for the future.

Because they had to.

Because enough is enough.

They knew and understood, that if you want something to be different, you HAVE GOT TO do something differently.

They did.


Sometimes we let unfairness pass.

Because, well….it’s hard when the opponent is bigger than us – in this case the Danish government  – we fear the consequences.(there is that fear again)

What happens, when we let things unfairness pass without reacting, is that we allow room for the next unfair treatment.



Yesterday, two brave women from the relocation industry in Denmark said, “this is not fair…we will not let this pass”

“Cloves are off”

They stepped up and filled front page + three more pages in the TOP financial news paper of Denmark.

And I am telling you, they mean business.

The headlines says “Entrepreneur: Municipality is stealing my customers”

Yesterday, they said “Enough is enough”.

Yesterday, they made noise to create a stir, and get the debate going.


This is not about, if they are right or not.

I will not be the judge. The matter is extremely complex and political.

This is about

Strong Personal Authentic Leadership

It is about taking action and standing up for what you think is right – ready to take what is coming, ready to face the music.

How many of us are the Luke Skywalker or Edward Snowden?

How many of us have the stomach for something like this? to have journalists and politicians call you all day….

He who Dares

I think it is very inspiring, when people stand up against the win and fight for what they believe.

It takes guts.

And it requires a certain attitude.

The thing is that at the end, they will be able to say either “At least we tried” or “we changed the world“-

I think, that is pretty cool.

They are leaders by example. Authentic. And they have followers.

……………… regrets

Good luck girls! No fear! Do next.

The Women are: June Persson and Anette Pilmark.

Thanks for inspiring for standing up for what is right!


Are you tolerating injustice or unfairness?

  • What do you need to stand up to today? – before it gets out of hand…..and you have to go to the papers…
  • What difference can you make today? big or small?
  • What needs a stir to create a debate? in the office? at home? in the club?
  • How will you show your personal leadership today?

Have a great weekend!




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