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The READnDELETE Intention

The intention is to give you a post you actually have time to READskaermbillede-2016-11-03-kl-08-47-13

  • Remind you of something you maybe forgot – or
  • Inspire you – or
  • Confirm your are on track – or
  • Give you a scent of something you may want to investigate further

With this 2′ Blog my intention is to give you a spoonful of vitamins once a week. Let’s agree; You are already healthy.

2′ minutes is hardly an investment  – just a spoonful. Read’n’delete.

If you are busy working, you probably do not have a lot of time to LEARN but if you could take a 2′ doze you probably would invest that, right?

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This is for people who want to get more. The blogs come out once a month.

For the future I am planning to touch on theses topics:

– in no particular order

  • Learning from Erin Brockowich
  • Increase your Personal influence smarter
  • Awareness of your State of Mind
  • The Good in the Bad – tool for consultants and other people working with people
  • Noise
  • Expectations Management
  • Primadonnas
  • How to Hire Excellent Staff
  • “I am how I am”
  • Company Values
  • Wauw
  • Valuable Evaluations + High Response Rates

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