Robots in Relocation?
Never !

Never say, Never

Robots in Relocation? Never !
July 12, 2018 Helle Lauridsen

Robot Tech is the New Black.


What does that have to do with us?

Not everything. But keep an eye out.

This is what is going on i Denmark

Yesterdays Danish version of Financial Times; “Børsen”


This article speaks about ISS – a facility management giant with 460.000 employees world wide. In Denmark they have 2000 non-EU employees.

In Denmark it is the responsibility of the employer, that the employee has a valid work permit.

As the only one that has control of the work permit and who is in direct contact with the authorities is the employee, it is difficult for the employer to know what the status is.

Basically, they need to ask all staff from non-EU countries on monthly basis what the status is.
Do you think they all respond?

The employer can be fined – but also get jail sentences –  up to 2 years!!
Last year 311 companies were fined.

ISS is now launching a Robot Technology to monitor the status of the work permits.

The article is long.

Here is what I find interesting in connection to DSP business.

  • They expect to save 4,8 mio DKK PER YEAR in admin when the Robot is fully integrated
    • EUR 640.000 ! ! !

This Opens Questions:

  • Why are they doing it in house?
  • Wouldn’t smaller companies like to outsource this?
    • Are you selling it?
  • Do you think they will want more Robot Tech?
  • Do you think other companies will look in this direction?
  • If a robot can manage to monitor status AND chase status, then WHEN will it be able to handle applications?
  • There is always a “space” where the robot will not be enough and you need a human brain in the process – where is that?
  • What roles will DSPs have in this in the future?
  • What role can a DSPs play until the day comes where Robots are in the employers office?
  • What if DSPs got a robot? (Cool) Good for business?
  • What if we could share that technology?


Don’t be. it is an opportunity.

When is your next Strategy meeting?

Comment below. And share.

Have a good one!




How the Robot Works

Each month the robot generates letters automatically for all employees from a non-EU country. Then sends a letter to the employee, that the employee must send to the authorities to get confirmation of status of the work permit.

This is done, because the status of the Work permit can be changed by authorities as tax authorities have say,  amongst….

In the future the employer will get consent from the employee to contact authorities directly.



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