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Certain Things Always Bugged

me in my Time as a DSP….

>>There is a lot of generic information that assignees need to know in a short period of time. How can I get the relevant information to the relevant person?

>> How can I avoid overwhelming the assignees with information, but at the same time ensure they read what is NECESSARY at a particular time in the relocation process?

>> How can I AUTOMATE the information flow?

>> How can I make life easier for my consultants so they don’t have to remember to feed the information to the assignee? They have enough on their minds already!

> Why don’t assignees carry around this great relo guidebook I provided?

>> In short, I needed: Information Navigation.

That’s why we invented Relodeck.

We think Relodeck would actually be relevant for anyone in the industry.

You will bring your company to the hand of the assignee – at all times.



“I probably feel more at ease, because I have important information at hand, when I am on The Go”

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