Noise is Silent
June 30, 2016 Helle Lauridsen

This blog is for Managers, who want to become better managers and find shortcuts to doing so.

And about, what CPH airport can inspire us to notice and to do as managers and leaders.

Have you Ever

….had someone give you the Silent Treatment? (when someone is so mad/angry/upset with you that they ignore (or pretend to ignore) you)

Have you ever had the silent treatment at work?

Did you ever, walk into a room and everyone went quite? Same, same, but different.

In both situations they are Silent. 


OR…, the question is:

Did you Notice?

Let’s look at that question later.

Have you Ever

…… noticed how NOISE is silent?

When no one is commenting, complaining, discussing, …..

This can be a good thing, of course.

Sometimes it is not.

When is it not?

When the office is completely silent, your (silent) alarm should go off – just to sense the Silence.

  • What is the Silence telling you?
  • What are they communicating? (No, not “nothing”)
  • Did they give up talking to you? or to each other?
  • Are they just busy?
  • How can you test, what is going on?
  • What is it that you can do as a manager in these situations?


BACK to the question:

Did you Notice the Silence?

Let’s assume you did.

Skærmbillede 2016-06-29 kl. 10.06.25The Easiest Thing to Do

If you suspect “issues”, of course you could choose to think “It is their problem! If they have a problem, they must speak up!” 

The problem will still be there. Now “under the carpet”(in Danish)/”under the surface”. The longer something stays “under the carpet”, the worse it gets. When the NOISE is loud, this can results in disloyalty, friction in the work, contamination of environment with bad will/resistance, and other charming qualities that are not going to result in a productive, stress free work place.

The Right Thing to Do

Well, you could diagnose it. You can only do so by examining the “patient” – it works best, if you can speak to the patient. It is difficult to turn the situation around after the talking stops.

Tip on what you can do:

Speak to it!

It gets worse if you don’t.

Of course you know this.

How are you speaking to it? Does that help? what else have you tried? Maybe you need inspiration or tools?

People join companies, but leave managers.

This should keep you a wake at night. If you are not a good manager, do something about it. Personally, learn the the trade better. Read books.


Here is an example of another approach.

Proactivity at CPH Airport

At CPH Airport –  they have found that the work satisfactory of the staff is directly connected to the Skærmbillede 2016-06-20 kl. 12.32.16relationship to nearest manager. (this is not new – hence the quote above) “We do not want I-need-to-leave-this-job-attitudeemployees.” Says the HR-director.

It is very costly when people resign; recruiting process, training new staff, learning curve and more management required for new staff.

You can turn that cost into a development cost in stead. That’s what CPH Airport did. Then it is on the budget – and not a “surprise cost”.

As a company you can invest in developing you leaders and managers to perform better. Investing in developing your managers will also create better branding for you as a good workplace and attract better brains and hearts.


One of the DSP issues is that a lot of DSPs are driven by entrepreneurs. This is great – otherwise it would not have happened in the good way….– how ever, as you grow and mature your company there is need for other/developing of your skills as well. Maybe other Strategies in handling issues.  Is it time to do something else?

The Reflection

  • What would you say your company – or the staff – needs right now?
  • If you do not address the silence (the ill contaminated kind) what are your reasons?
  • What is most important in order to move in the direction you want to move in?

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PS. If you don’t know how to get to what is needed, look at LEADOVATOR  –  or give me a call.


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