A Gift as an Opportunity

The Gift should Mirror the Quality of your Product
Or is that important?

Gifts that Lift your Branding
May 10, 2017 Helle Lauridsen

What Gift should I bring to the Conference this Year?

Buying gifts for someone can give you a headache, if you have the intension of bringing a gift to last….

It gets worse when it comes to gifts you want to bring to conferences.

After having worked in the conference industry when I was young and attending annual conferences in Europe and the US for almost 2 decades, here are my best tips.

First I give you hints – then I explain.

An Impressive Gift

This is a story of how I got on track, FOR REAL, about giving gifts at conferences. And why I invest a lot of time in exactly picking out what I should bring.


At my first WERC in probably 2002, a US realtor called “Watson” gave me a “device” as a gift.

It was a flat white peace of rubber/silicone  – 1 mm think and aprox 6 x 6 cm in rounded shape of a house.(hint #1) See it below –  it does look quite pathetic these days….

When I first got it in my hand, I had no idea of what it was.

The giver explained to me the device helped to avoid the situation in the image. (hint #2) Solving the problem of opening a jar (hint #3)

When hearing what it was for my comments was something like “That’s cool” (hint #4)

This device stayed in my kitchen draw since 2002 – and is often used. (hint #5)

Already the first year, I understood, that this device was brilliant.

Below read the 5 Hints explained – and why they work.

You can get even more knowledge about how to design your actions in CLUB H – read below. 

Hint #1

Easy to Carry

Easy to carry with you. Every one want to travel light. As you probably have experienced, you get loads of materials, both in the conference bag and in the Exhibition.

You know what you keep. I will tell you what I keep. I keep;

Paper pads

– it is already there. Why would I go home to buy a paper pad, when I can use this one – this way (long lasting – likable) >> Elisabeth Sommer has been on my desk for a decade – I even try to get other peoples pads…

Note books

– same reason


– the good quality one >> PIR Group was on my desk for a long time (long lasting – likable)


– for my husband – who loves that! (forgettable – but nice)

Key chains

– but only if good quality


– only good quality (long lasting   – likeable) >>This year I got a pen that was broken in my hand bag  – just by being in the bag – for 2 DAYS!!! come on why bother!! (wrong impression?)

They all lift the branding

Hint #2

Activate your new Friend  /  Let’s Connect

When meeting new people they are always a potential new friend. In order to get the relationship going you need to activate/kick start the relation. You need something to talk about. You need an icebreaker.
When handing it over your gift personally, you get a chance to connect emotionally. And when you give people something. they own you….that’s the hook. Hence, corruption in giving gifts to servants of the state.
The reason we go to conferences is to bond, anyway – why not make the most of it.
So the jar-opener-devise turned out to be an icebreaker as well.

Hint #3


 Solving a Global Problem

Solving a global problem is good. E.g. chocolate cravings, opening a jar,etc. These are gifts that will not do any cultural harm, and they solve a problem relevant in most areas of the world. You could top, of course, with a  local touch, that make the gift exotic and charming.

Opening a jar, or avoiding stains on white desks are always good problems to solve.

Elizabeth Woodhams gave me a coaster for my desk – very good, because my desk is white…. Guess Elizabeth’s origin…

This little coaster gives me the feel of being “Globally connected” when say “hello” daily. It has been sitting on my desk for more than a year now.

Hint #4

Create a WAUW!

People remember WAUWs. They make an impression.

One of the BIG issues in when working with WAUW is timing.

and think about how you can get the WAUW to last.

Hint #5

Long Lasting

My open-the-jar-helper has been in my draw for 15 years. – too bad I do not work with Realtors in the States – but I have a connection even if I don’t.

The coaster on my table for more than a year.

I have lots of pens. When I pick one up from a company, I just get a tiny-tiny “hello” and they stay TOP OF MIND.

Look around you. What “gifts” are in you room? So who is with you all the time.?

How can you do the same?

In Short

Good to keep in Mind

  1. Small, easy to carry,
  2. Icebreaker- effect
  3. Attractive – e.g. solve a problem
  4. WAUW
  5. Long lasting

Enjoy the Shopping!



Yes, giving a gift is a designed action

You can learn and find more tools in CLUB H  

Here you can read about what gifts other have given out in the past and how many years after people still talk about it…

You can read more about WAUW and how to bridge that into your services. 

In CLUB H  you can also share your experience and learn from others.

This area of knowledge touches both on BRANDING and on BEHAVIOUR DESIGN – areas we work with in CLUB H 

– we hope to see you there.

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