Facebook vs Linked In – Used Professionally

Facebook vs Linked In – Used Professionally
August 18, 2016 Helle Lauridsen

On the Mission to Make the Most of “Me-Time”

“Do I use Facebook or Linked In, when I want to share something professionally?”

Human beings seek to save energy – we need to restore energy in case of a unexpected crisis. We like to keep things simple  – to boil things down to something we can easily remember.

So, for social media a lot of people have taken the stand:

  • Facebook = Private Life
  • Linked in = Professional Life

Good! Easy. Makes a lot of sense.



I have a few questions…

These are some reflections and observations I made, while researching recently. Listening to social media gurus, spending lots of time on the internet – here is what I have boiled it down to, when I look at this issue for Relocation.

I am NOT an expert ! All I offer is a perspective. You probably have one already.

EuRA recently went to Facebook. Why is that?

Private vs Professional Life Online

Splitting the information stream into private and work is fine.

Does that mean you never check you emails in the evening? Does that mean you never check facebook while working? Let me guess….

Work and private time are more mixed now a days – it is more a mental door you open and close. We are managers of our own time that way. (weather we are any good at it or not, is a topic for some other time)

First let me ask you a few questions;

Questions9 am - 5 pm

  • How many posts did you READ on Facebook vs Linked In this week?
  • During the average day what media of the two do you visit first?
  • And which one is the last you check at end of day?
  • When you think of how frequently you visit both during a week, and the actual time spent on the media, which is the winner?
  • How many POSTS did you make on Facebook vs Linked in this week?
  • So which media would you say you are more familiar with?
  • What do you think your “readers” would answer to the above questions?

The blog could just stop here…the people I have asked these questions all laughed and  immediately had an insight reaching this point

Perspectives and Missions

There are – of course – two ways of looking at it.

  1. From the READER perspective
  2. From the CONTRIBUTOR perspective

What Mission are You On?

  1. To notify / Remind  – short message ? Share images?
  2. Inspire – short message creating reflection?
  3. Blog –  long message creating reflection or some “take away”?
  4. Involve people to act in a group discussion – long or short?
  5. What?

As a Reader

As a READER we have a limitations to what we can absorb.

We suffer infobesity. 

In order to manage, we create strategies to get as much RELEVANT info in the shortest possible time – through the least possible numbers of channels. Avoiding news stream pollution. Preferably automated taylor made news stream . Thank you.

We can set up all kinds of filters, notifications to arrive by email, text or pop ups for automation.

How can you optimize your info stream even more?

New Set of Questions

  • What would you rather?
  • Sign up for a news letter of a company you want to follow or
  • Get a feed in your news stream on Facebook/Linked In?
  • The information you get from following companies on Facebook vs Linked In is completely different.
  • It gets to you only in the frequency that you are visiting the media…
  • is that enough for you?
  • You will mostly get approached by companies as a consumer through Facebook
  • Are you not consuming when at work?
  • Is learning something new, something you do in free time for you?
  • or at work for your company?

The FEAR of Mixing Business and Pleasure

“Oh no, I don’t want to have work things on Facebook” 

If you split private/facebook and work/Linked In, does it mean that, if you see something on Facebook in the evening, that is relevant for work, that you start working on it during the evening?  – of course not, you “park it” and look at it the following day during work time.

What is the fear about?

When companies use Facebook Pages(not people) reaching you, they understand that they are probably in your privat sphere. You may choose to follow their page, to stay informed. You are not friends. You just “follow” them.

As a Contributor

So when you have to post something;

  • Where is it most likely to reach your reader?
  • Where are they?
  • When are they reachable on the media?
  • When are they most likely to be paying attention?
  • How involved are they in/how important is what you have to say?
  • What is the nature of the message?
  • Do you want people to interact?

me timeThe goal as a contributor / author of post should be to get to the readers during “me-time” – (The time when we sit down with our coffee and collect the pleasures and entertainment of cyberspace) Me-time is when our full attention is on what we read.

Most of you who have a company website, get it. You know to reach the Expats in their private life time.

In what environment would you like to reach the reader? Do you have some content for a particular time of day/week?

About Relocation Industry

The Heartful Industry – every one is on Linked in – as they should be in your professional life. But where do they “live”? …These (for the most part) wonderful social outgoing peoples people, who are interested in doing something great for other people at the core of their business……

That is why i have chosen to make a PAGE for my company on Facebook – you can follow it and we do not have to be friends. What I share is in the nature of reading-at-home-on-the-couch-or-having-breakfast. May be a reminder or maybe something to sparkle a reflection. So Facebook makes sense to me, and apparently EuRA think so too, since they have recently launched their FB page also.

My group of friends I have met professionally is growing on Facebook every day.

Here is my page: Facebook – Herstad – Implementalist 

Here is my code for posting:

  • I will post only with intention for you to get a take away
  • What I share from others will have to be extraordinary good
  • I will not spam
  • Main part of content will be mine


Maybe just reflect more about how you use the medias and who you let in where. It may benefit you in ways you did not expect.

What is your take?

Please, share and comment all you want! It makes it more fun.

Have a great day,




  • How many newsletters did you get this week?
  • How many of them (ball park figure) did you read?
  • How many did you directly trash?

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