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  • Branding

    Gifts that Lift your Branding

    What Gift should I bring to the Conference this Year?

    Buying gifts for someone can give you a headache, if you have the intention of bringing a gift to last....

  • Management in Relocation

    Noise is Silent

    This blog is for Managers, who want to become better managers and find shortcuts to doing so. And about, what CPH airport can inspire us to notice and to do as managers and leaders. Have you Ever ….had someone give you the Silent Treatment? (when someone is so mad/angry/upset with you that they ignore (or pretend to ignore) you) Have […]
  • Service Delivery

    The Sponge

    You will want to read this. It is good. When it comes to change and learning new, you have to pay attention to what you expect. The blog is about, how you can make it easier for your staff to absorb more. If you pace yourself, the benefits will be greater in the long run. “The Sponge” is of course explained […]
  • Efficiency

    Time Saved is Money Earned

    You will want to read this. It is good. It is not like you don’t know this. Of course you do. But we all forget sometimes to keep the focus on how we spend the time. We suffer too many distractions and it takes a lot of disciplin to save time for proactivity for our business as our environment demands […]
  • Management in Relocation

    Effective Teams

    You will want to read this. It is good. Keep it Alive and Kicking Since I was 24 years old I have been a manager for teams. For smaller teams and for project teams across organisations  – and the dynamics of teams have always been interesting to me. It takes some time before a team is established and effective. You […]
  • Personal Development

    How to Eat an Elephant

    This is of course a metaphor. You should of course never eat an Elephant.   It is comparable to climb the mountain.  People who know me, know that I refer to the Elephant a lot. How would you go about it – eating something that size? Getting through a large project? “One spoonful at a time” or “One step at a […]
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    Stand up!

    You will want to read this. It is good. This post requires music, while reading it. Please press play on the video below and then read while the music is playing.  Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday was one of those days, where I had more hope than other days. Inspiration I had more hope, because someone inspired me. Someone was courages […]
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    2’+ 5′ Still at the Train Station?

    Today the Blog is a bit longer than normal. The topic is important and massive. You will still want to read it. It’s good.  Are you still at the train station? Let me tell you; The train has left already.
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    2′ – What are you Wearing?

    You will want to read this. It is good.  The Perfect Wardrobe Should your consultants be wearing a uniform?  Probably not. So, why do I even bring up the silly question. – Because there is something to have a closer look at. 
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    2′ – Happy New Hour!

    This blog is about the Happy-New-Year-Power, what we can learn from it and how we can use it influence transferees to get them to do, what we need them to do. …………………………………………………….. What is it with New Year and resolutions? The success rate for new year resolutions is very low But the number of products sold surrounding the resolutions is […]
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    2′ – Managing Fear

    I am dedicating the Blog to the victims of the terror attacks in Paris in late 2015. Who is Afraid? We all are. Why is fear such a popular tool to use? Because it is the most effective tool. …… Fear is the strongest motivation factor in humans – and in a lot of other animals for that matter. Nothing […]
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    2′ – Listen!!

    You will want to read this. It is good. Listen! Are you always a good listener? I know I am not. …… Many year ago, when I went to my first training in sales, one of the modules was about listening. The basic techniques are e.g repeating the words of the person you are listing to, repeating what you have […]
  • Managing Relocations

    2″ – Never use the Word “NEW”

    You will want to read this. It is good. NEW doesn’t work Don’t ever use the word NEW. Of course it works in some situations. However, If you want somebody to DO something NEW If you want somebody to behave differently …..then don’t tell them they have to do something NEW.
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    2″ – About Stress and a Glass

    We cannot be reminded too often – at least not in my part of the world. Jesper in my network shared this story the other day. I like. A psychologist on stage demonstrates one that way stress works. She holds up a glass of water. Everyone expects the classic questions “is the glass half empty or half full?” However, this is not the question he asks. Here is what he asked:
  • 2 Minutes Blog

    5″ – Passenger Seat Management

    “Who Runs Your Company?”

    This is a question I sometimes have to ask owners of privately owned companies. (Silly?) Of course this question does not come unprovoked. We sometime loose the sense of power over a situation and get stuck in beliefs - or an excuse for NOT having taking action - or even responsibility. We can get sucked into passenger-seat-management, as I call it. How did that happen? How can it be stopped?

    Why this blog is Important

    As always my intention is to empower you. My intention is to share perspectives that may inspire you to look at a situation in a new light - hopefully this will bring you the feeling of empowerment and enable you to find new ways to solve whatever you are facing. This blog is  just a reminder about some of the beliefs we can get caught up in....

    What is the Problem?

    I have no problem with using the word “problem”.......
  • Efficiency

    5 Tips To Become Paperless

    No Paper – No way! Most of my customers (DSPs) suffer from being too busy. Working overtime is not unusual. My job is to find out how they can become more efficient. One universal element I have noticed is the amount of paper in offices. I know how long it takes to print, file and share paper, so I ask: […]
  • Service Delivery

    Install Google Hangouts

    It will improve your communication and bring you closer to your customer, because seeing someone on the screen, builds relationship faster. You will take giant steps when moving from Phone to Google Hangouts. It will not replace real life meetings, but it takes you a long way. Also the Share Screen is REALLY nice and clear and this is a great feature […]
  • Management in Relocation

    Do you Give Away too Many French Fries?

    Do you give away too many French Fries ? For the ones of you who know me, know that I always say “that’s too many French Fries…” and you know what I mean. You also know that this is something I often bring up because I find it very important.
  • Management in Relocation

    5 Mistakes Often Made on Projects

    " is about Leadership" "Mistake" is such a negative word to me. I like to call it "Learning Curve". But it does not seem to get the same attention. As sensible people know, that "mistakes" means time and money was wasted, because someone had to live the experience. We have ALL done that. That is why we are so experienced. My dad used to say; "You cannot teach EXPERIENCE ; but you can tell people what a red light looks like and what to look out for"


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