• When we decided, back in 2014, to apply for the EuRA quality certification (Global Quality Seal) we were overwhelmed by tons of paper (instructions, minimum requirements, standards, methodology, surveys…) and were literally drowning.

    Helle accepted to become our mentor and helped us to go through the process with a straight forward and accurate approach, though well aware of the pressure and workload affecting small organizations in the relocation industry.

    She was a valuable, tireless coach and supported us to streamline our capabilities, to push us beyond our sometimes too tight positions, to mediate between processes and a flexible, customer oriented approach. Her personal expertise in the relocation business and knowledge about ReloTracker were fundamental to reach our goal.

    Thanks to her continuous incentive and to a meticulous calendar of the required activities, we could certified in perfect time and with utmost satisfaction for Professional Relo, which was the first quality certified company in Italy!

    Maddalena Michieli
    Maddalena MichieliManaging Director, Professional Relo Srl www.professionalrelo.com
  • We have worked with RT for close to two years, the first year we were struggling with understanding how to use it and we were actually unprepared for the enormous amount of set up that it involved to suit our business.

    It is not an off the shelf Relocation system and needs considerable set up to be a valuable tool.

    Without Helle Herstad we would never have gotten the system off the ground and we would have had a hard time understanding it’s capabilities, limitations and how to use it.

    It was a good investment to get the help and consultation from someone that also understands our industry.

    We would never have been able to set it up the way we have and use it to the extent we are doing without implementation assistance and I would recommend anyone to get that help to get up and running.

    Lena Rekdal
    Lena RekdalOwner/CEO, Newcomer’s Immigration & Relocation Sweden AB www.newcomers.se

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