2′ – What are you Wearing?

2′ – What are you Wearing?
January 15, 2016 Helle Lauridsen

You will want to read this. It is good. 

The Perfect Wardrobe

Should your consultants be wearing a uniform? 
Probably not.
So, why do I even bring up the silly question.
– Because there is something to have a closer look at. 

We are all aware of the impact of how we dress and what we signal. Some are more aware than others. Some give more thought than others. I am sure you have some kind of direct  – or at least indirect – communication in your company about dress code.

The Point of a Uniform

When people go to work they wear different kinds of clothing, for all different kinds of reasons.

Some wear practical clothing for protection or comfort in certain weather conditions or with certain taks to do.

Some wear uniforms.

Uniformis in Latin means Equivalent.

The function of a uniform is to give a certain signal. It can be that people need to find a company representative. The Stewardess is easy to recognize, because of her clothing.

In the military you can tell the rank by the uniform. …Even Hells Angles have ranking.

It also gives the staff a strong ties to the group/company identity and feeling of belonging, when http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/policeman-ray-stomann-receives-medal-20150604-ghgrfa.htmlwearing the same clothing. It will give them the feeling (subconsciously of course) of “someone choose me to do this important job” and they will be more loyal to the concept, because they are part of it when wearing the uniform. It is actually easier to be loyal to the concept, because the uniform is there to remind you.

In my language your “have clothes on”, but your “carry” a uniform. So there is a weigh of the responsibility that comes with it.


Sometimes I hear about relocation staff, who is struggling to give bad news or to deliver a certain message.

It comes with the job. Even if it is not your fault; s… happens.

The Power of a Uniform

You can ease the pain of having to deliver the bad news by pretending to wear a uniform. A uniform will protect you. It will reinforce your state of mind. It empowers you. Also in a uniform you will have stronger belief, that you are representing your company. So the message you are giving is not coming from you, but from your company.

Because you are wearing a uniform, it will also be easier to stay maintain a suitable emotional level both in behavior and mind (compassionate), and be tempted to lean into the feeling the transferee must be suffering. So you will remain professional and on top of the situation, no matter the reaction.

The reaction will “just” be something, that needs to be managed with great care.

The uniform will also protect you to not take it personally – whatever is said, when the transferee is upset.

Skærmbillede 2016-01-14 kl. 13.49.46Once I had to take Joe to the doctor to have eyes checked. He got uncomfortable with the doctor. In Denmark the GPs do not wear the white coat. That’s for hospitals only. Joe found it hard to believe this man was the doctor. 

What is Required

When I say uniform, it does not have to be the whole outfit. Often a scarf, a name tag or even a clip-board will be enough to “look like a representative” – and to feel like one.

TIP!  The quality of whatever clothing or other equipment you choose for the staff should have the same brand value as your service.  Cheap, budget services = cheap Clothing. Quality Service = Quality clothing.

Their are certain basic rules to remember about uniforms. The color is important. Dark blue give most authority. People do not argue with people in dark blue uniforms.

The Copenhagen parking wards were dressed in bright green uniforms from the beginning. The 

Skærmbillede 2016-01-14 kl. 13.41.02green was chosen, because the company wanted the wards to be easy to spot in streets. However, they suffered so much violence, from angry parking violators, that they had to change the uniform color to dark blue. The violence stopped and is now limited to threats and yelling. 



Skærmbillede 2016-01-14 kl. 13.43.07

Some colors signal different things in different cultures, so be careful.

If you do not have a kind of uniform, the find some power-outfits. Clothing that makes you feel empowered and strong. Then use that in challenging situations.

You probably have some dedicated work clothing, when thinking about it…..

If you ever wore a uniform, I am sure you understand, what I am on about.

If you think this is complet nonsence, then speak to someone, who has worn a uniform and discuss the power.

Thanks for your attention!

I would love your comments on the blog – if you do not have the option, you need to create an account and log into my universe.

Have a great day!




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